Blow Molded Plastic Products

DaMar Plastics, Inc. innovative source for your Blow Molding plastic product needs.

We are a custom blow molder and service the automotive, household, chemical, cosmetic/personal care and water industries. Plastic blow molded containers are available in a variety of material and sizes. We offer a wide variety of stock molds and tooling that includes wide mouth jars, canisters and industrial rounds.

DaMar Plastics vast knowledge of blow molded parts leads us to produce quality products. We remove limitations to give our customers fast results and better quality than our competitors. We use the latest technology in bottle manufacturing and offer in house services to help create your own custom plastic bottle to meet your specific needs. We have the ability to design custom molds and tooling for new retail or industrial product launches, with the flexibility to meet your future needs.

DaMar Plastics can supply finished quality and packaged to your exact specifications and can deliver on time and on a budget.Our most popular product families are shown below.

In addition, we offer a wide selection of materials, colors, and neck finishes.

Part # Description Neck Size Ounces Part Weight in Grams (± 10%) Material
DAMA-400 1/2 Gallon Industrial Bottle 38-400 64 85 HDPE
DAMA-410 1 Gallon Industrial Bottle 38-400 128 130 HDPE
DAMA-420A 1/2 Gal wide mouth 120-400 64 105 HDPE
DAMA-420A1 1/2 Gal wide mouth 89-400 64 85 HDPE
DAMA-420B 1/4 Gal wide mouth 120-400 32 43 HDPE
DAMA-420B1 1/4 Gal wide mouth 89-400 32 53 HDPE


Material:  FDA approved Natural or White HDPE
Other materials are available upon request
Custom colors are available upon request


Blow Molding Plastic Services

It’s no secret that blow molded products by Damar Plastics has long been the industry leader in blow molding plastic products that require a high attention to quality detail from start to finish. We, at Damar Plastics, are committed to giving you that same “quality at a competitive price” value not only with blow molded products, but also with your Injection Molded Products.

Now you don’t have to use a variety of vendors for your different product lines. Whether it is a stock–or custom–Carrying Case or a custom-designed product, Damar Plastic’s blow molded products team of highly skilled experts is ready to meet all your blow molding and injection molding needs—at a price you can afford.

Located in state-of-the-art facilities in San Diego, CA, blow molded products by Damar Plastics has established a national reputation for high quality, dependable production. Damar Plastics blow molded products designs and manufactures our tooling in-house, ensuring integrity of production from start to finish.

  • One-Stop Turnkey Operation-Everything under one roof
  • Custom, single & double wall industrial blow and injection molding
  • Engineering Services- product & mold design (CAD)
  • Complete mold making capabilities (CAM)
  • Flexible product choices–Custom short or long runs are our specialty

To view blow molding product gallery and specifications click “blow molded products ” or select it from the top menu under Blow Molding Services.

There’s just one conclusion: Blow Molded Products by Damar Plastics is the obvious choice for all your Blow Molding AND Injection Molding needs!

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