Mold Manufacturing

DaMar Plastics Mold Making Services in San Diego County

DaMar Plastics has a complete in-house mold manufacturing and repair capability. We recognize that quality parts are a result of quality molds. Tooling at DaMar Plastics is built by using CAD/CAM, CNCEDM and other complementary equipment. By utilizing DaMar Plastics for Mold Manufacturing, it leads to a faster turnaround time, elimination of costly errors and a turnkey solution from mold to part manufacturing.

reduce your risk of inferior product

By providing mold making capabilities in-house you have a reliable option, reduced risks and long-term production runs of quality products. Inferior molds can lead to production issues and poor-quality parts due to inferior materials and mold design and substandard workmanship. We also source molds to provide the widest mold costing capability.

From single cavity to multi-cavity high production mold requirements, DaMar Plastics is your single source for your Mold and Part manufacturing. 

DaMar Plastics manufacturing expertise with insert molding or over molding means there is no mold making challenge we can’t handle for plastics manufacturing.

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