About Us

DaMar Plastics has been manufacturing in San Diego County since 1970. Founded by David and Mary (DaMar), a tradition of success began that is still part of the culture at DaMar Plastics.

In 1986, David and Michele Kabbai purchased the business and brought a culture of innovation into the company taking on projects that other Injection Molding companies found too difficult. The culture of innovation continues today.

In 2007, David and Michele brought Blow Molding capabilities into the company and today we make an impressive array of custom Blow Molded products.

In 2013 a majority of the company was acquired by Bill Dickinson a business man with over 37 years of experience. Bill began his career in plastics then spent 30 years in the Medical Technology industry across multiple medical specialties including drug delivery, ventilation, medication management automation and plastic medical disposables. Bill brings a deep level of sales, marketing and leadership skills to the company and intends to continue the tradition of success and innovation.

Bill is focused on continuous improvement across the entire operation. As a growing company, DaMar Plastics has been developing amazing capabilities under one roof.