Bottle Packaging

We excel at providing custom packaging solutions to our largest customers. These include branded bottles, bottles with unique shapes and designs that help our customers’ brand stand out in a sea of competitors.

We can also provide generic packaging utilizing a wide selection of materials, colors and neck finishes. Our most popular product families are shown below.

Part Number Description Neck Size Ounces Part Weight in Grams(± 10%) Material
DAMA-400 1/2 Gallon Industrial Bottle 38-400 64 85 HDPE
DAMA-410 1 Gallon Industrial Bottle 38-400 128 130 HDPE
DAMA-420A 1/2 Gal wide mouth 120-400 64 105 HDPE
DAMA-420A1 1/2 Gal wide mouth 89-400 64 85 HDPE
DAMA-420B 1/4 Gal wide mouth 120-400 32 43 HDPE
DAMA-420B1 1/4 Gal wide mouth 89-400 32 53 HDPE

Material: FDA approved Natural or White HDPE

Other materials are available upon request

Custom colors are available upon request